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  • Tammy Cook

    Tammy Cook

    Multi-passionate creative and self-improvement addict writing on personal growth & productivity, self-management, ADHD, creativity, mindset, optimism, and more.

  • Carla Gatt

    Carla Gatt

    Teeny-tiny in stature as well as taciturn, I let my writing do all the walking and talking. Check my portfolio: https://carlafgatt.journoportfolio.com

  • Shannon Purcell

    Shannon Purcell

    Irish digital marketer and content creator. Living and working in Toronto. Mostly writing about marketing and travel. shannonpurcellmedia.com

  • Annette Harris

    Annette Harris

    Owner, Harris Financial Coaching. Army Veteran. Writer. Travel lover. Thinker. Creator. Bacon guru. www.harriscashcoach.com

  • Debra Taitel

    Debra Taitel

    Clairvoyant Reader, healer, and teacher, who provides insight and guidance to human spirits. https://spiritlightinsight.com

  • Camille Grady

    Camille Grady

    Your own truth will set you free. Writer on self awareness, personal growth and spirituality.

  • May Y. Yang

    May Y. Yang

    Curious learner, English teacher, book author, content writer, copy editor, and assessment developer. Enjoys being home, edtech, index funds, cake, and walking.

  • Katarzyna Portka

    Katarzyna Portka

    Hungry for advice? I am here for you. The student of life. Own your day, change your life with this journal → https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09WHNJXXX?

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